As the wife of an avid R/C hobbyist, I know all too well how seriously my husband takes his toys. I used to think he was the only one, but once I started traveling to events, I realized that the R/C hobby, especially helicopters is more of an obsession, rather than a past time.

Soon after my husband took up flying model helicopters, I started finding receipts for things he purchased in order to keep his heli in the air. Slowly I started to pay attention to his "expenses" and boy was I surprised... and I thought shoes were expensive!! Well after watching him load his car one morning (boy was it comical, trying to fit 4 or 5 helicopters into the back seat of the car) I thought there must be some way to help protect the canopy, especially given how much he paid to have it painted.

Well, that's when I decided to make some type of protective cover. After doing some research I saw that companies had made canopy covers before but no one was producing them currently. So I decided to start making them myself. Well once his friends saw these covers, they started asking for them too. So that's when I decided to start u-neak | DESIGNS.

u-neak | DESIGNS was created to provide uneak accessories for the hobbyist. I started with making a canopy cover for the T-Rex 600 and have gradually built the product line by borrowing my husband's friends canopy covers and creating patterns. While I started with the canopies I plan on launching additional accessories that I have designed specifically for the R/C heli-enthusiast.

In addition to providing the standard single color covers, we have recently started personalizing these canopy covers with custom embroidery. Now it is possible to have a logo or even the pilot's name embroidered onto the cover. Be sure to check out our online catalog for pictures.

Well, thanks for stopping by and be sure to keep your toy protected!!



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